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We need more than 4

May 6, 2022

Thursday night's Contract Action Team Meeting was powerful

Thursday night's Contract Action Team Meeting had virtual and in-person participants. We heard details about the County's counterproposal. Our bargaining team will be responding with our latest offer next week.

The County’s opening offer had a greater value than the final offer five years ago. In its second offer, the County has also increased its across-the-board wage proposal: 4 percent, 2.75 percent, 2.75 percent - plus equity adjustments for classes below median and flex credit reimbursement.

But it isn’t enough! That is why we are launching the "More than 4" petition. Sign the petition now to tell the County that we deserve more for our service, hard work and sacrifice. You can also download a PDF of the petition to gather signatures at work.

Then sign up for the May 10 Board of Supervisors meeting with the same form.  May 10 is a critical meeting when Supervisors will be considering our proposal in closed session. We need to make sure to tell the Supervisors that the time is now for a contract that respects us, protects us and pays us. Plan to take the morning off to testify and wear purple.

If you have questions, ask your Bargaining Team member, contact your organizer-representative, email or call (858) 560-0151. We will also have a one-hour County Contract Office Hours (virtual) meeting where people can come and ask questions. Register by following this link.

Visit to get updates on the contract and more information.