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County Contract

Current County Memoranda of Agreement

Expiring June 23, 2025 (by bargaining unit)

SEIU members overwhelmingly ratify foundational contract!

June 6, 2022

It’s official! After two weeks of in-person and online voting, your Bargaining Team counted the votes, and our County members overwhelmingly ratified a foundational contract. The final steps in the process are approval by the Board of Supervisors, scheduled to begin Tuesday, June 14, with a second reading June 28.

Contract highlights include:

To see details of how wage increases, equity and premiums will benefit you and those in your classification, follow this link to see the SEIU Classification Calculator.

Visit to get updates on ratification and more information.

If you have questions, ask your Bargaining Team member, contact your organizer-representative, email or call (858) 560-0151.

Ratification schedule

In-person ratification voting begins May 25 and continues to June 1. Online voting is from June 2 to June 6.

The final deadline to vote is at 1:30 p.m. Monday, June 6.

Follow this link to see the schedule. Please check back frequently as this information may be updated.

Questions? Please contact

County of San Diego Tentative Agreements

Bargaining Team unanimously approves tentative agreement

Your Bargaining Team unanimously came to a tentative agreement with the County on May 19. The County heard our call for "More than 4!" and came in with an offer of 5 percent in the first year of across-the-board increases. Ratification will begin on Wednesday, May 25.

Other highlights include

To see details of how wage increases, equity and premiums will benefit you and those in your classification, follow this link to see the SEIU Classification Calculator.

What’s next? Stay tuned for a schedule of in-person and online opportunities to learn about the details of the contact and vote. The ratification meetings and voting process is expected to begin on Wednesday, May 25.

Remember, only members can vote to ratify the contract. Nonmembers can sign up with this form by following this link.

More bargaining information

April 25 SEIU Bargaining Team proposal

Your Bargaining Team is continuing to support members by fighting for a great contract.

The April 25 SEIU Bargaining Team proposal includes

Equity Study

The Equity Study was performed by Koff and Associates, independently from SEIU and the County of San Diego.

Read the full study by following this link.

The Equity Study shows that we are underpaid. Adjusted for Cost of Labor, overall average base salary market results are 7.3 percent below median for the 13 counties we were compared against.

If you have questions, contact your organizer-representative, email or call (858) 560-0151.

Bargaining Team members

Congratulations to the new members of our Bargaining Team! The Bargaining Team election had record participation, which shows how engaged we are to fight for our new contract.

AE Joseph Burkett
AE Darcy Salzl
CL Geraldine Brown
CL Cierra Gant
CL Brian Lafferty
CL Izabela Mazurek
CL Sandra Obledo
FS Robyn Booker
FS Joseph Moore
HS Zonyea Avery
HS Adelita Jasso
HS Sarah Johnson
MM Kathy Griffee
MM George Morris
MM Rachel Randolph
PR Anabelle Llana
PR Leslie Masland
PS Robin Cohen
PS Avery Wear
RN Michelle Davis
RN Selena Falk
RN Augustin Rucobo
SS Candis Baptiste
SS Karen Hockensmith
SW Marissa Bell
SW Karla Gonzalez        
SW Timothy Macedo    
SW Natalie Merritt        
SW Drucilla Willis
SW Nathan Wollmann

Bargaining Team members will represent us, San Diego County employees, to make sure that we get a contract that recognizes our hard work during this unprecedented health crisis and have the tools we need to continue serving San Diego communities. Our power to win a strong contract depends on our strength at every worksite, and our participating in contract meetings and action will help us win. So please sign up now to meet our Bargaining Team and discuss our plan to win.

First steps for a stronger contract

Our Bargaining Team brought forward shared values, and, for the first time, County Senior Management and executives have agreed to them.

This is a great first step for a strong contract for County staff and the communities we serve.

Below are the six shared values, agreed on by our Union and County management:

1) Equity pay Equity by gender and for those historically left behind. Equity minded salary adjustments, prioritizing lowest paid employees and positions hard to fill and equity for all classifications. Salary increases to keep up with the cost of living and to support efforts to reverse poverty.

2) Recruitment and retention Total compensation that ensures recruitment and retention. Creative work environment solutions that respond to ever changing conditions.

3) Benefits Just and fair benefits with options that ensure wellness and advancement.

4) Culture Committed to safe and harassment free work environment. Create respectful and innovative workplace with growth and development opportunities.

5) Finance and long-term planning Long-term fiscal health of County and healthy pension system that acknowledges public service. Balancing investment in the workforce with continued exceptional service delivery. Equity for underserved communities.

6) Partnership between the County and SEIU Local 221 Union Negotiations shall strengthen the relationships between the County and employees. Mutual interest and obligation to maintain friendly cooperation and bargain towards same goals. Inclusive and transparent labor relations.