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County Contract

Upcoming San Diego County Bargaining events

If you have questions, contact your organizer-representative, email or call (858) 560-0151.

Bargaining Team members

Congratulations to the new members of our Bargaining Team! The Bargaining Team election had record participation, which shows how engaged we are to fight for our new contract.

AE Joseph Burkett
AE Darcy Salzl
CL Geraldine Brown
CL Cierra Gant
CL Brian Lafferty
CL Izabela Mazurek
CL Sandra Obledo
FS Robyn Booker
FS Joseph Moore
HS Zonyea Avery
HS Adelita Jasso
HS Sarah Johnson
MM Kathy Griffee
MM George Morris
MM Rachel Randolph
PR Anabelle Llana
PR Leslie Masland
PS Robin Cohen
PS Avery Wear
RN Selena Falk
RN Augustin Rucobo
SS Candis Baptiste
SS Karen Hockensmith
SW Marissa Bell
SW Karla Gonzalez        
SW Timothy Macedo    
SW Natalie Merritt        
SW Drucilla Willis
SW Nathan Wollmann

Bargaining Team members will represent us, San Diego County employees, to make sure that we get a contract that recognizes our hard work during this unprecedented health crisis and have the tools we need to continue serving San Diego communities. Our power to win a strong contract depends on our strength at every worksite, and our participating in contract meetings and action will help us win. So please sign up now to meet our Bargaining Team and discuss our plan to win.