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County of San Diego

SEIU Local 221 represents more than 10,000 County of San Diego workers. We are Librarians, Social Workers, Public Health Nurses, Animal Control Officers and 911 Dispatchers and more.

Current County Memoranda of Agreement that expire June 23, 2025 (by bargaining unit)

County of San Diego Letters of Understanding

2021-22 San Diego County Bargaining: Negotiation team documents and updates are at

County Pension Offset Elimination

Defined-Benefit Retirement Plans and Contribution Offset Elimination FAQ

County Pay

County Salary Schedule by Union Codes, including overtime codes, salary codes, probation periods, etc.

2023 Pay Schedule Calendar
2024 Pay Schedule Calendar

Important update regarding County Chapter Elections

The rerun of the County Chapter Leadership Election is beginning under the oversight of your County Chapter Election Committee. Special thanks to SEIU members Iris Trammel, Myleen Abuan and Mamie McCall who stepped up to serve on the Election Committee and support this process.

The County Chapter nominations will reopen from today to Sept. 30. Candidates who already qualified to appear on the ballot will not be required to resubmit nomination signatures and applications, candidate statements or photos.

If you are interested in being a candidate, you can use the following links:

The Rerun Election will run from Oct. 30 through Nov. 10.

All SEIU-represented employees will be welcome at voting meetings, but you must be a member to be eligible to vote in the County Chapter Election Rerun. Sign up or update your membership at

County Chapter Leadership

President Drucilla Willis
Vice President Gerrell Howard
Secretary vacant
Treasurer Alexander Kraft
CL Representative Joe Cuaresma
FS Representative Joseph Moore
HS Representative Sarah Johnson
MM Representative Jeffrey Crutchfield
PR Representative Theresa Palafox
PS Representative Raymond Wood
RN Representative Pooja Mittal
SS Representative Bob Prokesch
SW Representative Lisa Garcia

*In April 2012, the County Chapter held an election amending sections of the County Chapter bylaws: Article 5 Section 3 lowering the quorum from nine to five members, Article 6 Section 1 removing subsection E, and adding Article 10.