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Congratulations to the candidates who stepped up to run for the County Bargaining team and successfully completed all the requirements. We had more than a thousand petition signatures to support these candidates and know that engagement will get stronger as we fight for a new contract that values our work fairly and provides the best services possible for the residents of San Diego County.

Members can only vote for candidates in their bargaining unit. An election will take place in all bargaining units, even where the openings are the same as (or more than) the number of candidates.

AE (2)
Joseph D Burkett
Darcy Salzl

CL (4)
Geraldine Brown
Cierra Gant
Brian Lafferty
Izabela Mazurek
Sandra Obledo

FS (2)
Robyn Booker
Joseph Moore

HS (2)
Zonyea Avery
Adelita Jasso
Sarah Johnson

MM (2)
Kathy Griffee
Laurie Jancsek
George Morris II
Rachel Randolph

PR (3)
Anabelle M. Llana
Leslie Masland

PS (3)
Robin Cohen
Avery Wear

RN (2)
Michelle Davis
Selena Falk
Angela Gaynor
Augustin Rucobo

SS (2)
Candis Baptiste
Karen Hockensmith

SW (4)
Derek Abel
Marissa D Bell
Linda M Correa
Karla Gonzalez
Gerrell Howard
Timothy Macedo
Natalie Merritt
Iris Trammel
Drucilla Willis
Nathan Wollmann

Download a PDF of the candidates' statements and membership plans by following this link

Look for an email with the details of the election which will include your unique voter link for online voting as well as in-person voting details if you choose that option. The voting period ends on Oct. 26 and on Oct. 29, our local will announce voting results and congratulate our new bargaining team

If you have questions, contact your organizer-representative, email or call (858) 560-0151.