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SEIU wins County holiday

January 18, 2022

Iris Trammel, President of the African American Action Committee, talks about added County holiday, Juneteenth celebration and upcoming meeting with Supervisors

I am encouraged that our advocacy led to the County adopting Juneteenth, honoring the end of U.S. slavery and considered the longest-running African American holiday, as an additional paid holiday. Juneteenth also is a chance to reflect how slavery produced systems and cultures that undervalue our work as African Americans.

SEIU signed a Letter of Understanding with the County of San Diego Thursday adding Juneteenth. SEIU Local 221, with leadership from our African American Action Committee, which has celebrated Juneteenth for more than 20 years, called on the County to add the holiday after President Biden made it a Federal holiday on June 17.

The news came as our Bargaining Team negotiated with the County of San Diego Thursday and Friday about issues including paid days off.

Join the SEIU Local 221 meeting with Supervisors (virtual)

11:30 Saturday, Jan. 22

Saturday's meeting with the Supervisors is an unprecedented opportunity for us all to talk to decision-makers on the Board. Everyone should sign up for this meeting to talk to the Supervisors about the work that we do and why a strong contract is so important.

At our Juneteenth celebrations, we bring forth diverse topics related to the African American experience as well as contributions of people of African descent around the world. My hope is that all Americans learn and appreciate all the contributions of people of African descent.

I encourage you to join the AAAC by following this link and support your Bargaining Team by meeting with Supervisors Saturday. Sign up now at

If you have questions, contact your organizer-representative, email or call (858) 560-0151.

In unity,

Iris Trammel, SEIU Local 221 President of the African American Action Committee

Iris Trammel
SEIU Local 221 Executive Board Member
President of SEIU Local 221's African American Action Committee

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