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San Diego Contract Campaign Bargaining launch

September 16, 2021

More than 40 Organizing Committees have been meeting to prepare for the 2022 San Diego Contract Campaign since early spring. Now our County campaign is entering a new stage. Join us Sept. 16 and learn about how the Bargaining Team will fight to win a strong San Diego County contract, how to join the Bargaining Team and what's next in our campaign.

Contract Campaign Bargaining launch

6:30 p.m. Sept. 16
Registration is required. Register now by following this link

For those who can't make the meeting on Sept. 16, a second meeting will be scheduled for the week of Sept. 20.

A Bargaining Team is a group of SEIU members who are elected to lead Local 221’s bargaining campaign. The Bargaining Team works with Local 221 members and Organizing Committees to identify issues and develop contract proposals, which it negotiates with management about. Members must be prepared to meet frequently on our own time to develop proposals and plan actions but bargaining generally happens on County time.

The only way to win a strong contract is for everyone to participate.

Sign up for the Contract Campaign Bargaining launch now.