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MAAC members unanimously authorize ULP strike

May 26, 2022

Deliver Unfair Labor Practice Strike Authorization notice

MAAC members unanimously voted to approve an Unfair Labor Practice Strike Authorization Vote Meeting on May 19, in a meeting with almost half of all MAAC employees. On May 25, we marched on the MAAC bosses and delivered our ULP strike notice.

In April, we filed four Unfair Labor Practice charges against MAAC – two related to bad-faith bargaining and two for worker intimidation. We filed a fifth charge in May for further bad faith tactics in negotiations. Our vote sends a clear message: It is time for MAAC to stop the labor violations and bargain with us in good faith.

MAAC must restart a fair system that rewards long-term employees for our experience and years of service. SEIU Union members at MAAC provide early childhood education, drug and alcohol counseling, affordable housing help and support many programs to build self-sufficiency and address poverty in San Diego County.

MAAC works because we work. Serving the communities we love shouldn't mean sacrificing our ability to support our own families.