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County Contract has been officially approved

July 1, 2022

We are pleased to confirm the Board of Supervisors officially approved our three-year agreement with the County this week and it is in effect.

Congratulations to our Bargaining Team and all members that worked so hard to win this contract!

The compensation increases will be effective for the July 22 payday. All SEIU represented employees will see at least a5 percent wage increase and a $2,000 Union-won bonus on your July 22 paycheck. To see details of how wage increases, equity and premiums will benefit you and your classification, follow this link for the SEIU Classification Calculator.

This foundational contract is a great step forward to make sure that the County continues to attract and retain experienced staff who provide vital services to the public. This contract gives us more tools we need to do the best job possible. Even as the contract begins, we are starting now planning for the next contract and working to set an even higher standard.

Adding more members to our Union is the most effective way to ensure that we build on this contract. Make sure you and your coworkers are members by signing up at We also must continue to work to make sure that our representatives on the Board of Supervisors support our work and the communities that we serve by donating to the Committee on Political Education fund at

Visit to see more details about the contract and what's next.

If you have questions,  contact your organizer-representative, email or call (858) 560-0151.