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The Role of a Steward: As front-line leaders at the worksite, SEIU stewards are required to wear many hats. We are problem solvers, educators and communicators. And, most importantly, we are organizers.  Local 221 stewards can rely on the SEIU Stewards Manual for reference in solving tough work place problems.

Fill out this Steward Intake Form and send it to the Local anytime you represent  or advise a coworker.

Steward’s Training
Learn the elements of organizing, the grievance procedure, your Weingarten Rights, how to solve tough problems and effectively communicate with Management.  Sign up with your Worksite Organizer, an existing Steward or simply call the Local 221 office and say, “I would like to sign up for Steward Training.”

Steward’s Council

The Steward’s Council meetings are on the online calendar.  Please RSVP to your Worksite Organizer or contact the Local 221 office for more information.