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Union-negotiated hazard-pay or telework stipend

August 20, 2021

In the August paycheck, we should receive San Diego County COVID-19 compensation in one of the following categories: hazard pay ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 or teleworking payments of $750.

We fought hard as a union for about a year and a half to force the County to recognize our sacrifices and pay us. We rallied in vehicle caravans, had hundreds of speakers and thousands of petitions delivered to the Board of Supervisors and a strong team at the bargaining table demanding we be compensated for keeping the County running with many of us working on the frontlines. We elected three pro-working family Supervisors who were willing to listen to our determined bargaining team, which negotiated the best deal possible to recognize our sacrifice. This was a huge difference from when Supervisor Nathan Fletcher first raised the issue and couldn't even get a second to open the hazard-pay issue for discussion. Our power is growing and the only way to make sure it continues is to sign up new union members.

The COVID-19 Compensation Framework has three categories which determine the compensation amount. Employees must have performed work in the following categories more than 50 percent of their paid working hours to be eligible for a category.

If you do not receive a COVID-19 compensation payment and believe you should, or if you believe you have been miscategorized, contact your organizer-representative or the Advocacy Center at (858) 268-7020.

Hazard pay and teleworking categories

To be eligible, employees must:

Act now by signing up coworkers who are not members. We can have them fill out a membership today online by following this link, so that we are stronger in the upcoming contract fight.