SEIU Local 221 is committed to building our union through the work of our member leaders. Now is the time to build strength in our union. The Leadership Academy is a commitment to trainings, planning and community. The Academy’s knowledge will extend beyond the training period and is expected to support and grow your skills as a leader and steward. You will be supported by the Member Leader in Action team, Advocacy Center, as well as your Worksite Organizer to build your skills and make change in your worksite and community.

This training program brings together representation and organizing skills to give members the most comprehensive leadership development possible. Each member will have a Purple Power Project they choose to work on to build power in a meaningful way for our union. (Example: You create a plan to build union membership at your worksite, building a labor/management committee, etc.).

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The local offers various types of representational training.

To find out the specific dates, times and locations for upcoming training opportunities click on this link.

1)   Basic Stewards’ Training: This is a half-day training held quarterly at the union hall which is broken into two parts: Representation and Organizing. You will learn the basics of representing coworkers at the worksite, what a grievance is, how to conduct yourself at a disciplinary investigation, and much more. You will also learn the importance of organizing your coworkers around issues of mutual concern at the worksite, how to talk to others about joining and participating in the union, and the various functions worksite leaders may serve. Breakfast and lunch are served. All members are welcome to attend whether interested in serving as a steward or not.

2)   Advanced Stewards’ Training: Existing stewards are trained in small groups or individually on topics customized to their departments, worksite, and expressed needs. Training can be conducted at the union hall, on lunch breaks or on weekends, depending on the steward’s preference. Topics usually include Skelly conferences and hearings, Civil Service rules and applications, Weingarten rights, and unfair labor practices. Existing stewards may contact the Advocacy Center staff to request a customized training at any time.

3)   Stewards’ Council Meetings: These meetings are every other month in the evening at the union hall and are designed to allow stewards from all jurisdictions to interact socially, share cases and ideas with each other, and enjoy guest speakers from agencies such as law firms, government agencies that oversee labor relations and enforcement, and private sector specialists, all of whom train our stewards on a variety of rotating labor law topics. Dinner is served.

If you are unable to secure child care for any training, please inform staff when you RSVP so we can have age-appropriate activities and supervision available. The local offers various types of representational training. Contact an advocate to find out the specific dates, times and locations for upcoming training opportunities.


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