SEIU Local 221 Privacy and Refund Policy

Privacy Policy

SEIU Local 221 privacy policy is consistent with the privacy policy of the international union.  The policy can be found by visiting the website of the international union at

Refund Policy

Dues or Agency Fees Payments: It is the Member or Fee Payer’s responsibility to notify the Union if they believe their deduction is erroneous or if they are no longer represented by the Union. Individuals may request a refund of Dues or Agency Fee payments by submitting a written request to: SEIU 221 Membership Department. The Union will not refund any Dues or Agency Fee payments beyond six (6) months from the date of the request.

Political Contributions: Many members have authorized voluntary contributions to the Union or their Chapter’s political funds. Such contributions may be cancelled at any time by the member. Given the voluntary nature of these contributions and the ability to cancel at any time, the Union will not provide any refund of such deductions.

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