County of San Diego

SEIU Local 221 represents over 10,000 County of San Diego workers. We are your Librarians, Social Workers, Public Health Nurses, Animal Control Officers, and 911 Dispatchers among other things. We do the jobs that need doing.

County Leadership

  • President – Tracey Carter (email
  • Vice President – George Morris
  • Treasurer – Carmen Perez
  • Secretary – David Gonzalez
  • Professional Council Leader – Robert Grable
  • Clerical Council Leader – Deanna Myers
 County Chapter BylawsRevised 5/13/14*

*In April 2012, the County Chapter held an election amending sections of the County Chapter bylaws: Article 5 Section 3 lowering the quorum from nine to five members, Article 6 Section 1 removing subsection E, and adding Article 10.

County Pay Schedule

County Contracts (by bargaining unit)

County Chapter Meetings

JAN 2012 Agenda Minutes
FEB 2012 Agenda Minutes
MAR 2012 Agenda Minutes
APR 2012 Agenda Minutes
MAY 2012 Agenda Minutes
JUN 2012 Agenda Minutes
JUL 2012 Agenda Minutes
AUG 2012 Agenda Minutes
SEP 2012 Agenda Minutes
MAY 2014 Agenda Minutes
JAN 2015 Agenda Minutes
FEB 2015 Agenda Minutes


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