County of San Diego

SEIU Local 221 represents more than 10,000 County of San Diego workers. We are your Librarians, Social Workers, Public Health Nurses, Animal Control Officers and 911 Dispatchers among other things. We do the jobs that need doing.

From left, Crystal Irving, Amanda Cope, Maria Whitehorse, Nathan Wollmann, Outgoing County Chapter President Tracey Carter, Drucilla Willis and Outgoing County Chapter Vice President George Morris

County Chapter Leadership

 County Chapter BylawsRevised 5/13/14*

*In April 2012, the County Chapter held an election amending sections of the County Chapter bylaws: Article 5 Section 3 lowering the quorum from nine to five members, Article 6 Section 1 removing subsection E, and adding Article 10.

County Pay Schedule

Follow this link for a PDF of the County of San Diego contract – wages, equities and bonus schedules

The County Salary Schedule by Union Code and Job Code appendix includes overtime codes, salary codes, probation periods, etc. Access it by following this link.

2021 Pay Schedule Calendar

County Contracts (by bargaining unit)

County Pay Schedule

Click here for a PDF of the County of San Diego contract – wages, equities and bonus schedules

County Pension Offset Elimination

Defined-Benefit Retirement Plans and Contribution Offset Elimination FAQ

County Chapter Meetings

JAN 2012 Agenda Minutes
FEB 2012 Agenda Minutes
MAR 2012 Agenda Minutes
APR 2012 Agenda Minutes
MAY 2012 Agenda Minutes
JUN 2012 Agenda Minutes
JUL 2012 Agenda Minutes
AUG 2012 Agenda Minutes
SEP 2012 Agenda Minutes
MAY 2014 Agenda Minutes
JAN 2015 Agenda Minutes
FEB 2015 Agenda Minutes
SEPT 2018 Agenda Minutes


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