You can make a difference!

By donating to the Committee on Political Education (COPE) you help fund our effort to fight for working families. COPE donations are voluntary and allow our voices to be heard by those who make the decisions about our jobs and our families.

Please consider giving to COPE today. For as little as a nickel an hour, you would be giving $4 every two weeks. To donate, follow this link to fill out your COPE card online.

If you have any questions about COPE, please call (858) 560-0151 x250.

Why Give to COPE?

Our members believe in the value and necessity of the public sector. One that employs highly qualified individuals with dignified, reliable, living-wage jobs that provide essential services to the communities around us. By donating to the COPE fund, members are helping preserve public-sector jobs for themselves, their co-workers, and their families.

Electing Our Bosses

Advancing the public good includes the ability to hold our bosses and decision makers accountable. Whether they preside on a city council, sit on a school board, or serve on the Board of Supervisors, the decisions of our locally elected officials impact the jobs and livelihoods of public sector employees in drastic ways. By giving to COPE, members help to ensure that pro-labor candidates, regardless of party affiliation, get elected to these influential seats, thereby improving the jobs and enhancing the lives of working people.

State Budget and Public Programs

Most of the social services that members provide on a day-to-day basis operate under statewide agencies, funded through a fiscal year budget. Annually, through negotiations, conference, and compromise between the state Assembly, Senate, and Governor’s office, a budget is passed and signed. COPE dollars allow us to lobby in support of affordable health care, caseload reduction for social workers, folio rate increases for court reporters, safe staffing measures for nurses, and a living-wage for all workers and their families. The COPE fund allows us to hold our elected leaders and Governor accountable for the policy decisions they make regarding labor and the public sector.

How do I contribute to COPE?

If you wish to inquire about signing a COPE card, contact your Worksite Organizer at (858) 560-0151. If you wish to host a meeting at your worksite, please call your Worksite Organizer to schedule a presentation. Finally, if you contribute to COPE and wish to increase your donation, follow this link to change your COPE contribution. You must be a full-time union member to contribute to COPE.

If you want to donate a custom amount on your COPE card, you can click here

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