Chula Vista

CVEA Bargaining Update

First of all, many of you have heard that management has verbally agreed to be flexible on the EPMC, or employer paid member contribution deadline. This comes after a powerful petition boycott action, but it’s not the victory we need just yet. Your bargaining team presented a proposal for fair wages, and management responded with a rejection and then refused to give a counter proposal. They stated that they would look at another proposal from us, in effect asking the union to negotiate against itself.

CVEA employees have sacrificed long enough, and it’s time to be treated with respect. So, now we need everyone to get involved and let the city manager know – Chula Vista should bargain in good faith, and negotiate fair wage increases for all. Will you join us by clicking this link and emailing our City Manager Gary Halbert to let him know you support your bargaining team?
Also, CVEA members have been uniting around this call for justice and a fair contract, and many more have joined the union in the past weeks, but the momentum can not stop to receive a fair deal and to be treated with respect. Talk to your co-workers about joining with you today, the time is now!
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Happy Holidays from SEIU Local 221!

2014 has been a powerful year for our union.

Our members fought and won strong contracts throughout the county in Chula Vista, National City, Imperial Beach, Fallbrook, Grossmont, and Calexico. We have been standing up for retirement security at SDCERA, our county pension fund.  Together we collected over 1,000 petition signatures and testified three times before the SDCERA board to protect the retirement security of ALL county employees. We are proud to welcome the San Diego Red Cross blood technicians and we look forward to beginning negotiations for a strong contract in 2015.

We are continuing to build bridges within our communities through strategic partnerships and increased activism.   We have fought to raise the minimum wage in the city of San Diego, and we are looking forward to a victory at the ballot box in June of 2016.  We have been tireless supporting fast food worker in their fight to win raises and form a union.  We know that as union members we need to continue to fight for all working families and stand up for injustice everywhere.

Our stewards program continues to grow and showcase excellent leadership and development. 2014 saw Local 221 members standing strong against unfair disciplines and wrongful terminations. The Advocacy Center and Stewards have handled over 600 cases on behalf of our members. Of the approximately 500 cases closed, our Union has either won, settled or resolved almost 300 of those cases.

Next year we will grow bigger and stronger. We’ll be building more strength for our 2017 county contract fight by growing our membership.  We’ll be getting ready for the 2016 election by increasing our COPE contributions.  We’ll continue to put people first by fighting for fair contracts and quality services in all of our jurisdictions.   We will continue to support fast food worker organizing and working with communities across San Diego.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday and a great new year!

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Election Day Report: Mixed results


Once the polls closed last night, SEIU Local 221 members and staff, community partners, and candidates gathered to hear speeches and watch the election results.

Yesterday we took some defeats at the ballot box, but also celebrated some victories as well.  Over the last several weeks, Local 221 members knocked on doors, made phone calls and rallied behind candidates that will stand up for us.  We weren’t able to get everyone across the finish line, but we are proud of the hard work of everyone that worked on the election.

Here are the highlights, which won’t be final until provisional and absentee ballots are counted:

  • In Chula Vista, Mary Salas became the first Latina mayor in San Diego County and Pat Aguilar won re-election. Our third endorsed candidate Steve Padilla seems unlikely to overcome an election night deficit.
  • In Poway, Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff and Charles Sellers knocked off two incumbents (!!) and now represent two of the three pro-labor board members on the Poway Unified School Board.
  • In National City, SEIU Local 221 Member Mona Rios won reelection for city council but Ken Seaton-Msemaji seems to have fallen short.  However, Prop D (1% sales tax), which will stabilize the city budget, passed with the overwhelming support of National City voters.
  • In Imperial Beach,  Council Members Ed Spriggs and Lorie Bragg look to have won reelection.
  • Congressman Scott Peters was down on Election Night, but we believe he has a good chance to prevail once the final votes are counted.
  • Our endorsed candidates swept the state races, including State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, Alex Padilla for Secretary of State and Betty Yee for Controller.

The most encouraging result on election day was that voters throughout the country showed they want an economy that works for all of us.  We celebrated Minimum Wage and/or Earned Sick Days victories in San Francisco, Oakland, Massachusetts and even Nebraska and South Dakota.

Congratulations to all of the members that gave time to support our endorsed candidates. Remember, our political power comes from the strength of member participation, so get involved!

If you are interested in donating to COPE (Committee on Political Education) and would like to get involved in the Member Political Organizer Committee, please contact Political Director, Dave Lagstein at

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Make Politics Work for Us: VOTE TODAY! Tuesday Nov. 4

November 4th…It’s here! Have you voted yet?

Together we can stop dangerous politicans who cut important public programs to the bone and then balance the budget on the backs of working people. But we can’t do that unless you VOTE today.

Fight back by going to the polls and voting.

Everyone who works hard for a living should be able to support their families without having to live on the brink, regardless of where you were born or what zip code you live in.

Below you’ll find the resources so you can answer the following questions before casting your vote, to ensure you don’t run into any problems:

  1. Are you registered to vote and have you updated your address?
  2. Where is your polling place?
  3. When is your polling place open?
  4. Have you reminded your family, friends and coworkers to vote?

For all the information you need tomorrow to vote, please visit here.

Please click here and here for all the information you need on voting in the state of California.

Click here for our SEIU Local 221 list of endorsed candidates and visit our Facebook page to see how your fellow members have been getting out the vote for the November 4th General Election.

Once you’ve voted, let your friends and family know by sharing this graphic on your Facebook page.

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Get Out The Vote!


This election, SEIU members are supporting candidates who will make the economy work for all of us, not just the wealthy few.

SEIU Local 221 is committed to ensuring each of our members casts their ballot. The 2014 November 4th Election is 7 days away, and will be a low turnout election, so every knock, phone call and worksite conversation will make a huge difference.

The precinct walk locations are:

  • Chula Vista: 779 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA. For more information, please contact Worksite Organizer, Mark Leo, at or (619) 992-4243.

  • National City: 3414 Eleanore Place, National City, CA. For more information, please contact Worksite Organizer, Mark Leo, at or (619) 992-4243.

  • Imperial Beach:614 Imperial Beach Blvd., Imperial Beach, CA. For more information, please contact Worksite Organizer, Mark Leo, at or (619) 992-4243.
  • Poway: PSEA Office, 13378 Poway Road, Poway CA. Please contact Senior Worksite Organizer, Tasha Iglesias-Moody, at or (949) 903-0053.

Join us for our final push before Election Day. We need your help between Tuesday, October 28th and Election Day, November 4th, to turn out our voters. Sign up for phone banking and precinct walking with members and voters today!

Let us know we can count on you to volunteer, please click here to sign up for volunteer days!

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SEIU Lottery Scholarship


Brittney Zarling was awarded the SEIU Lottery Scholarship recently. Brittney is currently attending San Diego State University as a Biology major with an emphaisis in Marine Biology. Brittney learned about the scholarship through her father, Wayne Zarling, who learned about it at a SEIU Local 221 meeting.

SEIU Local 221 is proud to congratulate Brittney Zarling on being awarded the SEIU Lottery Scholarship! Brittney is currently attending San Diego State University as a Biology major with an emphaisis in Marine Biology. Brittney learned about the scholarship through her father, Wayne Zarling, who learned about it at a SEIU Local 221 meeting.
“Growing up with a parent who was active in the union has been an educational experience because my father and I have been able to talk about all of the benefits a union can offer. For my family, the union has been crucial in providing us the opportunity to further improve or lives and the community around us. As a result, the union has given me the chance to further my education.”Congratulations, Brittney! We wish you all the best in your academic endeavors!To learn more about the SEIU Lottery Scholarship, click here.


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Third Annual Stewards’ Recognition Banquet


The annual Stewards Banquet was held at the Best Western Island Palms Hotel. The banquet is a special event to honor all of the hard work, dedication and commitment our Stewards make to Local 221 and its members. For more photos, visit our Facebook album here!

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GOTV Chula Vista


SEIU Local 221 members and staff GOTV with Mary Salas for Mayor of Chula Vista, Steve Padilla for Chula Vista City Council and Mona Rios for National City City Council.

On Saturday, October 18th, SEIU Local 221 members and staff got out the vote! From the South Bay to Vista, members knocked on doors to make sure we elect leaders who will pursue an agenda defending vital services and creating good jobs, for the working men of women of San Diego.


We are stronger together! SEIU Local 221 members and staff got the vote out alongside our brothers and sisters at IBEW Local 569 and the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council.

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Advocacy Center Victories!


  • Two terminations reduced to demotions as a result of Skelly hearing.
  • Termination reduced to a suspension as a result of Skelly hearing.
  • 30 day suspension reduced to a Letter of Reprimand as a result of Skelly hearing.
  • 3 internal investigations concluded as unfounded after SEIU showed errors in the accusations.
  • A Letter or Reprimand reduced to a Letter of Warning through the grievance procedure.
  • Wording in a Letter of Warning changed through negotiations with SEIU 221.
  • ESU nurses had been denied lunch and rest breaks – remedied through negotiations with the County.


  • The County initially denied prior out of class experience to be used as qualifying experience for promotional opportunities.

District Attorney

  • The County denied an employee’s ability to return to work without medical restrictions, in violation of the Family Medical Leave Act.  SEIU resolved this issue at the lowest level and the employee returned to work in her former position and pay.

City of Encinitas

  • Unsanitary working conditions were quickly remedied after SEIU intervention.

City of Chula Vista

  • Initially pushing to demote an employee, the City agreed to an accommodation that allows the member to remain in their class.

City of National City

  • An employee was dismissed from work due to a disability. An accommodation process and back pay was given to the employee.

 Head Start

  • A Letter of Reprimand was rescinded after staff was able to show member’s rights were violated.


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November 2014 Endorsed Candidates List

Federal Offices:
James Kimber, 50th Congressional District
Scott Peters, 52nd Congressional District
Susan Davis, 53rd Congressional District

State Office:
Jerry Brown, Governor
Gavin Newsom, Lt. Governor
Kamala Harris, Attorney General
Betty Yee, State Controller
John Chiang, Treasurer
Alex Padilla, Secretary of State
Dave Jones, Insurance Commissioner
Tom Torlakson, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Ben Hueso, 40th State Senate
Shirley Weber, 79th Assembly District

Imperial County:
Raymond Loera, Imperial County Sheriff*
John Renison, Imperial County Board of Supervisors*
Norma Galindo, Imperial Irrigation District Board of Supervisors, Division 5*
Matt Dessert, Imperial Irrigation District Board of Supervisors, Division 1* James Hank, Imperial Irrigation District Board of Supervisors, Division 3*

South Bay:
Gene Chavira for South Bay Irrigation District Seat #1*

City of San Diego:
Carol Kim, City Council District #6

Lemon Grove:
Jennifer Mendoza, City Council

City of Chula Vista
Mary Salas, Mayor
Steve Padilla, City Council Pat Aguilar, City Council

Imperial Beach:
Ed Spriggs, City Council
Laurie Bragg, City Council

National City:
Ron Morrison, Mayor
City Council: Mona Rios
City Council: Ken Seaton-­‐Msemaji
Vote Yes on Proposition D

Chuck Lowery, City Council*

Erubey Lopez, City Council*

Proposition G, The City of Escondido Charter Measure*

Michelle O’Connor Ratcliff for Poway Unified School District
Charles Sellers for Poway Unified School District
John Riley for Poway Unified School District

Kevin Beiser, San Diego Unified School District Board, B*
Michael McQuary, San Diego Unified School District Board, C*
Maria Senour, San Diego Community College District, District A*
Peter Zschiesche, San Diego Community College District, District E*
Arturo Solis for Sweetwater Union High School District, Seat #1*

Adrian Arancibia for Sweetwater Union High School District, Seat #2*
Frank Tarantino for Sweetwater Union High School District, Seat #3*
Nicholas Segura for Sweetwater Union High School District, Seat #4*
Paula Hall for Sweetwater Union High School District, Seat #5*

Francisco Tamayo for Chula Vista Elementary School District, Seat #1*
Leslie Ray Bunker for Chula Vista Elementary School District, Seat #3*
Eduardo Reyes for Chula Vista Elementary School District, Seat #5*
Griselda Delgado for Southwestern Community College Seat #1*
Nora Vargas for Southwester Community College Seat #2*
Maria Betancourt-­‐Casteneda for National School District*
Josh Clorfeine for Del Mar Union School District*
Rick Cassar for Mira Costa Community College*
Luciana Corrales for National City School District*

Gloria Chadwick for Grossmont Healthcare District*
Dara Czerwonka for Palomar Healthcare District*
Dale Bardin for Palomar Healthcare District*
Hans Sisson for Palomar Healthcare District*
Frank Gould, Short Term Seat for Tri-­‐City Healthcare District
Jane Mitchell, Short Term Seat for Tri-­‐City Healthcare District*
Louis Montulli, Long-Term Seat for Tri City Health District*

Proposition 1: Ensures a safe, reliable water supply- Support
Proposition 44: State Reserve Policy- Neutral
Proposition 45: Approval of Healthcare Insurance Rate Changes- Neutral
Proposition 46: Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors/Medical Negligence Lawsuits- Neutral
Proposition 47: Stops wasting prison space on low-level nonviolent crimes- Support
Proposition 48: Maintains Gaming Compacts with good jobs- Support

Candidates with an asterisk (*) by their name are endorsed only by San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council process, all others have been endorsed by SEIU Local 221 through our town hall process.

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