Advocacy Center and common contract clauses

The SEIU Local 221 Advocacy Center is responsible for all member representation in all jurisdictions. It is staffed by a director and two full time experienced advocates, as well as a network of member stewards on the job and as-needed counsel from a labor attorney. The Advocacy Center handles over five hundred cases per year, and holds various training’s for new and advanced stewards and topics relevant to individual worksites. Some common types of representation include:

Contract grievances, intake and referrals of discrimination and harassment claims, Skelly (pre-disciplinary) hearings, investigatory meetings with management when discipline may result, informal mediations between coworkers and managers, performance evaluation appeals, interactive disability accommodations meetings, all levels of disciplinary appeals, working out of class issues, civil service hearings, and binding arbitration.

The Advocacy Center was created in 2010 in response to a growing need for full time staff who specialize in contract enforcement and discipline representation and has grown considerably since then. When a case is referred to the Advocacy Center, staff will conduct an intake, counsel you on the merits of your claim, request any additional documentation, and assign your case to a site steward if available. All levels of your case will be confidential and thoroughly tracked in our electronic case management system at the union.

Common Union Contract Clauses

Every contract is unique, so certain items may be more or less relevant than others, depending on the workers and employers involved.

The first item on any checklist is understanding the needs and concerns of the employees, and then focusing on core issues that matter to the entire bargaining unit, and on provisions that help build union power. The items on this checklist should be considered in that light.

Visit the other sections on this page for more information on how to become a steward, how to contact the Advocacy Center and links to various useful resources.

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