June 2021

San Diego County 2021-22 Fiscal Year Budget

Some highlights from the proposed budget

  • Full funding of the hazard pay and teleworking stipends
  • Detention Health Care Staff: Increase of 141 new staff for current year, 196 during two-year period
  • Self-Sufficiency Services: Increase of 100 new staff
  • Behavioral Health Services: Increase of 56 new staff
  • San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital: Increase of 23 new staff
  • Adult Protective Services: Increase of 21 new staff
  • In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program: Increase of 21 new staff
  • CWS: Increase of 35 new staff
  • Public Works: Net increase of 20 new staff
  • District Attorney: Increase of 5 SEIU-represented staff
  • There’s more: Estimated increase of 30 SEIU-represented staff countywide

The proposed budget and items “sent to budget” also includes a commitment to equity and racial justice by including funding for the following initiatives

  • Establishing an office of Labor Standards and Enforcement to protect workers from bad employers
  • Establishing free phone calls in detention centers
  • Creating a process to reevaluate County contracting criteria, so we can stop outsourcing
  • Establishing an office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs
  • Youth Corps Program supporting job opportunities for the next generation
  • Increasing access to County services by funding for translation and interpretation services across County departments
  • Establishing a rent registry to hold bad landlords accountable
  • Expanding Language Access for County meetings and services

What is still missing

  • Help for the staffing crisis at Edgemoor Hospital
  • Addressing mandatory overtime in the detention centers
  • Increasing paralegals in the Public Defender’s office
  • What is missing at your worksite?
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BREAKING NEWS: Supervisors approve expanded hazard-pay pool

After dozens of SEIU members called, wrote comments and testified Tuesday at the Board of Supervisors, the Board approved two motions that expanded the total pool for hazard pay and teleworking stipends for County employees. This should cover all SEIU members that served the County during the COVID-19 crisis. Follow this link to watch coverage on NBC 7 San Diego of Tuesday’s Board meeting.

During the past year, our actions at the Board, many thousands of petition signers, and vehicle caravans throughout the County forced the Supervisors to #RespectProtectPayUs. This was a big change from previous hazard-pay bargaining sessions, when management representatives wouldn’t even write down real proposals, and March 2020, when Supervisors didn’t even second a motion to provide us with hazard pay.

We applaud Board Chair Fletcher, Vice-Chair Vargas and Supervisor Lawson-Remer for standing up for County employees Tuesday. We note the empty praise for County employees from Supervisors Desmond, who voted against the teleworking stipend for 8,000 employees, and Supervisor Anderson, who voted no on the whole package.

What’s next?

Actions like this only work if we all take part and show senior managers that we all are united. Sign up a nonunion member or join with this membership card online.

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