April 2021

2021 Nomination for Executive Board of SEIU Local 221

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Organizing efforts increase hazard pay pool

Because of our organizing, the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a COVID19 framework that includes $17.45 million for hazard pay for SEIU-represented workers. That was a big change from the last hazard-pay bargaining session, when management representatives wouldn’t even write down any real proposals but said that only $15 million total was available for the hazard pay pool. We stood together and our campaign that included two actions this week increased that pool by almost $2.5 million. This is an even bigger change from the start of the pandemic in March 2020, when the Board of Supervisors didn’t even second a motion to provide us with hazard pay!

Our collective actions exhibit our power. We gathered more than 2,200 petitions supporting hazard pay from employees and community allies that we delivered to the Supervisors. Our vehicle caravan Monday drove home our #ProtectRespectPayUs demand with many dozens of cars at the County Operations Center. See and share more on social media.

Actions like this only work if we all take part and show senior managers that we all are united. Sign up a nonunion member or join with this membership card online.

Together, we will make the County respect us, protect us and pay us.

Save the date for Tuesday, May 4, our target date for final approval at the Board of Supervisors meeting.


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