SEIU campaign leads to more County worker vaccinations

Through our organizing and advocacy work with decision makers at the countywide and statewide level, SEIU has helped to make vaccinations available to more essential workers starting on Saturday, Feb. 27, including:

  • All employees in the DA and Public Defender offices
  • CWS – PSW, PSW Senior and PSS employees
  • 70 HSS employees that are on-site at FRCs

If you fall into one of these groups, the County has said that it is sending emails on Feb. 26 inviting us to sign up voluntarily.

We are continuing to fight for other workers to move to higher tiers and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Our advocacy also forced the Cal/OSHA Standards Board in NovemberĀ  to strengthen protections for all California workers from COVID-19 in the workplace. This gives us specific, mandatory requirements for employers to follow to reduce transmission of the virus at work.

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