February 4, 2021

Fight for the hazard pay we deserve

As a Residential Care Worker Supervisor at Polinsky Children’s Center, we are on the frontlines in San Diego County, making sure that children who must be separated from their families are cared for. Because we are exposed to so many vulnerable people, my coworkers and I often get sick and must isolate because of COVID-19 exposure. This puts us and our families at risk.

That is why I am demanding hazard pay from the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, Feb. 9. Join me during the online meeting when Supervisors are expected to vote on Hazard Pay and COVID-leave.

Most of us put ourselves and our families at risk to serve the public during this pandemic. Hazard pay recognizes our hard work and sacrifice, as well as additional costs for working from home and childcare during this unprecedented crisis. Even if you are unable to speak, you can join the online union Zoom call to watch it with your coworkers and fellow union members. Follow this link to sign up now.

Demand hazard pay at the Board of Supervisors

RSVP now by following this link
Starting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9

We expect a Hazard Pay board action that could direct County staff to negotiate with our union on the amount of Hazard Pay, including retroactively. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which provides for paid time off for employees that are not able to work because of COVID-19, expired on Dec. 31. The proposed board action would approve and fund Coronavirus Leave in January (retroactively) and February, with an option to extend in March.

It is time to hold the Supervisors accountable to their goals of racial and economic justice, by demanding they take this first step in pay equity for their essential staff that keep our communities safe and healthy.

Join us and make sure that the Board of Supervisors knows it must: Protect us! Respect us! And pay us!

Follow this link to sign up now.

In Solidarity,

2102RachelRachel Randolph
SEIU Local 221 Steward
Residential Care Worker Supervisor
Polinsky Children’s Center

P.S. – Sign up a nonunion member, to grow our power and show management we are standing strong. You can sign a membership card online by following this link.

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