November 20, 2020

Tell the CAO to support working families

San Diego County has fallen to the most severe level of COVID-19 restrictions and County jails are suffering “an explosion of new coronavirus infections.” County management needs to do everything they possibly can to get this outbreak under control. The newly elected Supervisors are a sign that things will improve for working families in our County, but we must keep up the pressure to support our communities.

ACT NOW: Sign the petition demanding County executives invest in worker and community health and provide relief to working families

As The San Diego Union-Tribune reported this week, the County jails are in crisis, with more than 250 employees and detainees infected with Covid-19. Sadly, this situation has led to the death of an SEIU Local 221 member, a detention counselor.

The County must immediately act to address this crisis, starting with ending the Sheriff’s reckless plan to contract out jobs in San Diego County. The County must redouble efforts to keep residents and employees safe.

“For months, detention employees and community supporters have warned Sheriff Gore that under-staffing and a push to outsource medical workers with for-profit prison contractors is a threat to public health and detainees’ lives,” said SEIU Local 221 President David Garcias. “Sadly, this COVID-19 outbreak illustrates how severe the danger is.”

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