November 4, 2020

Union members had a big impact on the polls

We all deserve congratulations. SEIU Local 221 members worked for years to have a majority of strong worker voices on the Board of Supervisors, and SEIU Endorsed Candidate Terra Lawson-Remer is projected to win with a 19-point lead over the incumbent! She will join Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Nora Vargas, who is the projected winner in District 1, to form the first pro-worker majority on the Board of Supervisors in decades.

We also are excited to congratulate Todd Gloria on his election as Mayor of San Diego and are celebrating victories up and down the ballot throughout the county.

At the state level, the Yes on 15 campaign is too close to call. If passed, it would bring $12 billion to our schools and services throughout the state. Unfortunately, Prop 22, which would exempt big tech from providing worker protections, is projected to pass, so we will need to redouble our efforts to protect gig economy workers.

Essential workers turned out in record numbers to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We are confident that when all the votes are counted, we will win because of SEIU members that phone-banked in Arizona, Florida and other key swing states. Union members and essential workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic organized their communities and showed up in record numbers to cast their ballots for new leaders who will reform our democracy, rebuild our country and fundamentally transform our economy. Essential workers sent a clear message: respect us, protect us, pay us. Now, it’s essential to count our votes.

There are many more victories in our cities and school boards, and we will share a full report as more votes are counted.

We all deserve congratulations, especially members that called, walked, texted and spoke to their co-workers about this critical election. It’s a new day at the County of San Diego, and the time is perfect to start getting ready to win a strong County contract. None of this could have happened without countless SEIU members speaking up in their workplace, communities and the ballot box. We encourage all members to take a moment to relax and savor this victory and prepare for our work ahead to continue to fight for working families.

In Solidarity,
David Garcias
SEIU Local 221 President

P.S. – Sign up a nonunion member, to grow our power and show management we are standing strong. You can sign a membership card online by following this link.

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