October 2020

Protect public health rallies spotlighted by media

On Oct. 28, detentions employees and supporters rallied against San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore’s proposal to privatize the medical and mental health services at County detention facilities.

“The research has shown that when contractors take over the care dwindles,” said Jennifer Alonso, a detentions clinical social worker at Central Jail. “It’s a for-profit entity, so their top priority is profit and not care.”

KUSI News, KFMB CBS, and FOX 5 San Diego reported on front-line workers rallying to protect public health at detention facilities, which took place across the county.

If the Sheriff is successful in his push to outsource more than 300 front-line healthcare workers in the jails, we know that other positions and services will be next on the County’s chopping block.

Follow this link to add your name to the petition against contracting out.

In August, the Board of Supervisors meeting made it clear that contracting out is a real threat to our jobs, despite risks to patient care, the communities we live in and accountability, as examples from similar counties show.

Workers at Central Jail, Las Colinas, George Bailey and Vista Detention Facility rallied to protect public health on Oct. 28. Join us in saying no to contracting out by signing our petition now.

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BREAKING: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announce support of Prop 15!


Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he was endorsing a YES vote on Proposition 15. He joins Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and nearly 50,000 SEIU members who have pledged to support Prop 15.

Join us to support Prop. 15 by following this link

SEIU members like us came together earlier this year to support Proposition 15, the Schools and Communities First Act. Prop 15 reclaims $12 billion a year for schools and communities by closing corporate property tax loopholes while protecting homeowners, renters, small businesses and farmers. Because of the pandemic schools and essential workers like us are facing huge deficits. Now more than ever, we need the resources to save lives and rebuild our state.

That’s exactly why Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Gavin Newsom have all endorsed Yes on Prop 15!

Will you join us and make the Pledge to Vote YES on Prop. 15, Schools and Communities First?

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Thank you for contributing to COPE

Congratulations on contributing to COPE and strengthening the power of your union!

Here’s what else you can do:

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