We need a budget that rises to this historic moment

The COVID-19 pandemic is a generational public health and economic crisis. We need leaders with vision, who don’t repeat the mistakes of the Great Recession by attempting to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable county residents. Unfortunately, San Diego County’s Chief Administrative Officer proposed a budget that fails to meet this historic moment and the Sheriff’s Department is exploring outsourcing critical health services.

We must act now

Join the Invest in San Diego Families Virtual Townhall
5:30 tonight
RSVP by following this link

Then sign up to speak at the Board of Supervisors meeting to fight outsourcing
Starting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4
RSVP by following this link

Finally RSVP and mark your calendar for the Evening Budget Hearing on Aug. 12 – and the Morning Budget Hearing on Aug. 10 if you can – to fight for equity for San Diego County.

With the Sheriff’s Department’s reckless plan to outsource front-line healthcare workers, our voices are more important than ever. We must speak out against inequality and call for bold leadership with a focus on Black, Brown and marginalized communities.

Join us.

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