Cal/OSHA worker protections

The California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973 gives workers the right to file a complaint about workplace safety and health hazards. Employers are required to take steps to protect workers exposed to infectious disease like the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). There are many valid reasons to file complaints, including lack of necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). If you believe that your working conditions are unsafe or unhealthy, please fill out this form so that SEIU Local 221 may file a complaint with Cal/OSHA on your behalf.

Follow this link to submit your complaint

Important Information for Healthcare and Detentions Employees:
The California Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD) Standard requires that healthcare workers wear an N95 or other NIOSH approved respirator when caring for confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases. The ATD standard applies to healthcare workers and workers in some other work environments such as detention facilities. Please note whether you work in one of these environments and whether you have access to an N95 respirator.

Important Information for All Complainants:
The name of any person who submits a complaint to Cal/OSHA must be kept confidential by law, unless the person requests otherwise. Any personal identifying name or contact information given will not be provided to Cal/OSHA without your consent. A union representative may contact you if there is additional information needed to process your complaint.

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