April 14, 2020

Demand the County of San Diego protect all workers

Just days after your union released a report about how few front-line County staff have access to necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), County Executives sent a one-page letter dismissing our comprehensive health and safety demands. Despite claiming to bargain, the County has refused to address SEIU’s proposals on PPE and hazard pay, nor have they responded with any written proposals of their own.

That is why we are holding a virtual “speak out” at noon Wednesday, April 15

It’s time to send a strong message to the County Executives: We will not back down from protecting the health of front-line workers and the communities we serve. The County’s inaction is disturbing and it is putting even more lives at risk.

Register for this event by following this link.

Non-county SEIU members are also welcome to attend and show solidarity. Let’s make sure that the County hears our united voices on Wednesday. We are stronger together.


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