Union hall closed: Members stay strong during crisis

As of March 16, we are closing the Local Union Hall until further notice. We are postponing upcoming meetings.

The Local will remain accessible by telephone. If you have any upcoming in-person meetings at the Union Hall or at your work site, please call in first. Call (858) 560-0151 to confirm that meetings are taking place in person or whether they will be delayed, done by phone or remotely.

The COVID-19 outbreak is a fast moving situation. We will give you updates as we get them. We are meeting to determine the best course of action with employers, including with the County of San Diego, which we are in communication with and we will meet with shortly. We will send updates as they become available.

Your union’s updated COVID-19 resource page includes a form to report concerns about discrimination or unfair treatment: http://www.seiu221.org/2020/03/06/coronavirus/

We encourage respect for all employees and those we serve during this challenging time. COVID-19 has the potential to affect all communities, regardless of race or ethnic background. As members of SEIU Local 221, let’s make sure we stand with our communities and are united against all forms of prejudice and discriminatory targeting.

Being united in our union to address this virus is another example of why all working people need the opportunity to join together in a union, no matter where we work.

SEIU Local 221 coronavirus-related resources


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