Demanding equity at the Board of Supervisors

On Dec. 10, SEIU Local 221 members presented 500 petitions to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors demanding #EquityforSD.

If you haven’t signed the petition, you can still join your co-workers. Sign the petition and invite your co-workers who haven’t signed it to do the same. Add your name here:

Members informed the County Board of Supervisors that paying competitive county salaries is crucial to retain experienced staff.

“I am one of twelve county microbiologists,” said Supervising Public Health Microbiologist Paul Temprendola. “We currently have three vacancies, and my colleagues and I are concerned that our staffing problems could turn into another public health crisis if we cannot find a way to attract and retain California state certified public health microbiologists. … We are responsible for the laboratory testing needed following a bioterrorist attack, an E. coli O157 outbreak, a pandemic flu outbreak, a Zika virus outbreak, or a Hepatitis A outbreak in the homeless population.”

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