September 16, 2019


In early September, the County gave into pressures from our union and have offered equity increases up to 10% to certain classifications. This win was only made possible due to years of SEIU members demanding a compensation study and fair equity increases for all workers. The County executives are finally admitting that they don’t pay enough to recruit and retain staff, but they are still failing to address the causes of these problems.

Join fellow union sisters and brothers by signing our petition telling the County, the time is NOW to bring equity to ALL San Diego County!

By continuing to underpay employees, the County is sending a message that work we do and those we serve are not a priority. That is why our union is continuing to demand equity increases for all County employees, lifting up and recognizing the value and importance of the services employees bring to the County and our communities every single day.

Proposed equity increases will be for the following:

  • Psychiatric Nurses
  • Senior Clinical Psychologists
  • Mental Health Conservatorship Clinicians
  • Sheriffs Detentions, Mental Health Clinicians
  • Licensed Mental Health Clinicians
  • Paralegal Supervisor
  • Sheriffs Supervising Helicopter/Airplane Mechanics
  • Utilization Review Quality Improvement Supervisors
  • Utilization Review Quality Improvement Specialists
  • Proposed location premium increases for Supervising Nurses at the Psych Hospital

This is an important step forward, but it’s only the beginning. Our union is committed to bringing equity across our County. Join us and sign our petition to send the message to the County, that all of us deserve to be paid for award winning work to serve our communities that make San Diego County a great place to live and work.

We continue to call upon the County of San Diego to undertake a comprehensive compensation study and bring all of San Diego County employee wages up to a competitive level through equity. Make your voice heard and sign our petition!

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