July 19, 2019

Look for 750 bonus on July 26 that your union won

On July 26, regular employees who had paid service in Fiscal Year 2018-19 should receive a $750 union bonus in their checks. This is the result of all of your work in the workplace, at the Board of Supervisors and at the bargaining table in 2017 to negotiate the best deal possible while facing a hostile Board.

Part-time employees will receive a prorated amount, and those on paid or unpaid leave will get their union bonus when they return. Follow this link to read more details about the bonus. If you still have questions, contact the advocacy center at (858) 268-7020.

Know any nonmembers at your worksite? Make sure they sign up now. It is quick and easy and you can do it online by following this link.

Having a supermajority of members is important when we bargain with the County in 2022 and gives us leverage to push for more investment in the community for black, brown and white working families. The recently approved $6.24 billion budget that expands county staff by 441 employees and increases investment in mental health, public health and child welfare shows this work is paying off. This was a very different budget than previous years because of the Invest in San Diego Families coalition’s impact on the Board of Supervisors. We are stronger together.

Ask any nonmembers you know to sign up online now by following this link.

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