April 22, 2019

Vote Bob Goodchild for SDCERA Board of Retirement

Vote for R.W. “Bob” Goodchild for SDCERA Board of Retirement on April 23 when the Registrar of Voters distributes ballots to all SDCERA members in interoffice mail. May 7 is the final day to return your ballot to the Registrar of Voters.

Bob is a fierce guardian of the SDCERA fund and has ensured that prudent policies are in place to keep the retirements of our members secure. The fund has flourished under his responsible oversight. Bob also makes sure that members are treated fairly, by doing things like streamlining the disability retirement process.

Bob is endorsed by SEIU Local 221, San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister, County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, SDCERA Board Chairwoman Samantha Begovich, Probation Department Division Chief and SDCERA Board Member Tim Hancock.

Vote for Bob when you get your SDCERA ballot in interoffice mail. Click here to download a PDF that you can print out and hang in your office to let your coworkers know that they should vote for Bob, too.

In Solidarity,
David Garcias
President, SEIU Local 221


P.S. Attend these Invest in San Diego Families events:

April 23: 6 pm – County Town Hall Budget Forum, Encinitas – Invest in San Diego Families. RSVP and get details by clicking this link. | Facebook

Everyone should plan on going to the Evening Budget Hearing on June 13. RSVP and get details by clicking this link. |​ Facebook

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