Mobile-Office Vehicle starts process of adding staffing

On Jan. 8, the Board of Supervisors voted to approve the Live-Well Mobile-Office Vehicle. This is a critical way to increase outreach and Invest in San Diego Families and the services that are required for those in desperate need.

“This is a great start to 2019!” said SEIU Local 221 County Chapter President Drucilla Willis. “For years, SEIU 221 and Invest in San Diego Families have been challenging the County of San Diego to come up with ways to reach more of the community. Because of the win from contract negotiations, we created a process with the County of San Diego to improve community outreach.

“We are pleased to see that Nathan Fletcher’s first act as Supervisor was to deliver on a promise to allow County staff to fulfill our mission to serve the community. This is a small but great victory for us, and we have many more victories to come.”

Investing in increasing staffing and assigning manageable workloads should help prevent headlines like these about the County’s “Lethal Incompetence” responding to the 2017 hepatitis A crisis.

To download a PDF about the Live-Well Mobile-Office victory for your work site, click here.

In solidarity,

SEIU Local 221

Live-Well Mobile-Office Vehicle victory

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