State audit slams San Diego

On Dec. 20, the state confirmed what we all know: The County is cutting corners with staffing, and it is putting our entire region at risk.

The state’s audit found that the County of San Diego might have lessened the impact of the 2017 Hepatitis A outbreak by acting more quickly.

The report faults the County for not investing in “resources — primarily, nursing staff — needed to carry out the vaccination program,” which might have curbed the 20 deaths and 400 hospitalizations attributed to the outbreak in our County.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on this news and the fact that the County knew that this outbreak might be among the ‘worst’ ever months before it ramped up its response. The New York TimesVoice of San Diego, Fox 5 and KUSI also covered the story.

Let’s make sure that the County gets the message that this cannot happen again.

Sign this petition to tell the county to do the right thing before we are hit by the next crisis.

The state audit should be a wake-up call for the county. Click on this link to tell the county to invest in staff increases for public health nurses and across all county departments to prevent future crises and provide the services San Diegans deserve.


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