December 4, 2018

Two wage increases starting in January

This is a reminder that starting Jan. 1, 2019, the State of California’s minimum wage will increase to $12 an hour. SEIU led statewide efforts to fight for this increase, members spoke out and we organized the Raise the Wage San Diego coalition. When the minimum wage increases to $12 an hour, this will raise the wage-floor for everyone and create upward pressure on wages.

Additionally, starting Jan. 4, 2019, County employees’ wages will increase by 3 percent.


Wage increases like these are only possible when members stand together and show management we are willing to fight for a livable wage for working families. One of the most important parts of negotiations is showing management that members are engaged. Get involved in upcoming union events by clicking here and talking to your work site organizer. If you know of any employees that haven’t signed a membership card yet, ask them to sign up now. The entire process now can be done online by clicking this link.

If, after January, you do not see these increases reflected in your pay, please contact your work site organizer or the SEIU Local 221 Advocacy Center at (858) 268-7020.

In solidarity,

David Garcias
President, SEIU Local 221

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