September 28, 2018

County backs down from move to outsource Animal Services

Members of your union stuck together and fought the County on its decision to outsource the Department of Animal Services.

Because you stood strong, the County was forced to do what is right: More than 60 positions were saved.

We testified at multiple Board of Supervisor meetings, had a “dog-in” protest, turned out in force to the County’s sham community meetings and flooded supervisors’ offices with emails and phone calls. The result of this work was a victory as part of the County contract settlement to engage in a managed competition process. The process compared the work of trained employees against the bid to privatize. It wasn’t a surprise that the outcome of the process showed that SEIU members would better serve the public!

As a result, 61 professional, highly trained County employees will have jobs, including some former Department of Animal Services employees who may return.

These employees have the skills and experience to provide the most economical, safest and efficient services for the people of San Diego. This averted a disaster for public safety and accountability, which would have been caused by outsourcing this critical function to a private nonprofit.

This was possible because all members and employees stood together. The County was forced to do what was right instead of what was “cheaper” and consider the consequences of the shortsighted plan to outsource the Department of Animal Services.

How can we build on this momentum? Become more involved in your union. Make sure everyone in your department is signed up. If they aren’t, they can click here and complete the membership card online.

In solidarity,

David Garcias
SEIU Local 221 President

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