June 27, 2018

No court decision can hold us back – UNION strong together

1804JanusDecisionDayPictures800pxThis morning, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling in the case of Janus v. AFSCME. As expected, the Court’s ruling on Janus makes it even easier for anti-worker extremists to further rig our economy against working people by limiting our ability to come together in unions.

We will not back down.

Members of SEIU Local 221 joined their brothers and sisters across the country today to declare their resolve to stick together in their union. SEIU members remain dedicated to uniting more working people in unions and holding politicians accountable for creating good union jobs.

As SEIU Local 221 Member Political Organizing Chairwoman Crystal Irving said: “We’re proud to stand strong with our brothers and sisters across California and the nation. Together we rise!”

SEIU Local 221 members will be using #WeRise and #Union on social media to show their unity in the face of the Supreme Court’s decision. SEIU members and Fight for $15 and union activists know that when working men and women join together, they gain the power in numbers to raise wages, win affordable healthcare and make a dignified retirement possible.

This is a decision that has community impacts and community leaders and Invest in San Diego Families Partners are stepping up to show their support, too.

“We stand in solidarity with union members, a positive force for our communities,” said Bishop Cornelius Bowser, Pastor of Charity Apostolic Church and SDOP member. “I have seen firsthand the difference that unions make in people’s lives and the positive force that they are in the community.”

We are stronger together!

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