May 2, 2018

ConnectWell Meeting with Nick Machionne

This summary, based on a member’s notes, is designed to emphasize the collaborative spirit of the meeting: On April 20, about 30 SEIU Local 221 members met with Nick Macchione, Agency Director of the County Health and Human Services Agency, to talk about better serving the community.

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The employees gave up their Friday evening to support the intentions of ConnectWellSD, a computer program, which was created with the goal of increasing communication and coordination among County services. It is designed to ensure that residents are receiving full access to the services they are entitled to. However, many employees raised serious concerns about the way it is being implemented. SEIU presented data from about 50 surveys on the employees’ experience with this program. SEIU continues to collect surveys about this issue and, as of May 3, has about 100, which will be shared with management to work toward improvements in the system and make progress together.

The experience shared by front-line employees in the room and the surveys covered areas where progress is being made, including finally updating an old, paperwork based system. The group also addressed areas of concern, such as manual data entry from other systems, clients being sent to the wrong people and wrong locations, double-booked appointments, lack of a backup when the system is down and assignment deadlines that don’t take into account nonworking days. The group generated ideas about how to address these issues, including more time to complete tasks, increased training time without any incoming assignments, using surveys and focus groups to identify problems and having managers share with their supervisors problems and concerns with the system.

The goal of this meeting was to support a collaborative model where workers, County leadership, and the community come together to make progress. This will allow ConnectWell to truly deliver the best and most efficient services possible to the residents of San Diego County.


Nick Macchione (crouching in the center) is the Agency Director of the County Health and Human Services Agency, He came to the SEIU Local 221 Union Hall on April 20 to meet with members to support a collaborative model where workers, County leadership and the community come together to make progress. The focus was on of ConnectWellSD, a computer program, which was created with the goal of increasing communication and coordination among County services.

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SEIU Local 221 Endorsements

The following are SEIU endorsements for the June 5 Statewide Direct Primary Election.

U.S. Senate: Kevin de León
U.S. Representative, District 50: Ammar Campa-Najjar

California Governor:
Gavin Newsom
California Lt. Governor: Ed Hernandez
California Attorney General: Xavier Becerra
California Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
California Treasurer: Fiona Ma
California Controller: Betty Yee
California Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara
California Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond
California Board of Equalization, District 3: Scott Svonkin

Assembly District 75:
Alan Geraci
Assembly District 76: Tasha Boerner Horvath
Assembly District 77: Sunday Gover
Assembly District 78: Todd Gloria
Assembly District 79: Shirley Weber
Assembly District 80: Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher
California State Senate District 40: Ben Hueso

YES on Proposition 68 California is facing droughts, wildfires and impacts of a changing climate. Prop 68 will protect our water, parks and resources.
YES on Proposition 69 Guarantees transportation funds for use for transportation improvements. Will not raise taxes and protects taxes we already pay.
NO on Proposition 70 A corporate-led attack on climate action in California. It is designed to seize funding that is used to fight pollution and improve community health.

Board of Supervisors, District 4: Nathan Fletcher
Board of Supervisors, District 5: Michelle Gomez
District Attorney: Geneviéve Jones-Wright
Superior Court Judge – Office No. 37: Matt Brower

City Council-District No. 2:
Jordan Beane
City Council-District No. 4:
Monica Montgomery
City Council-District No. 6:
Tommy Hough
City Council-District No. 8: Christian Ramirez and Antonio Martinez*

YES Measure A Supports safety and fire with ½ cent sales tax

District C: Craig Milgrim
District E: David Alvarez, Sean Elo and Rafael Perez*

Area 1: Linda Cartwright
Area 2: Debbie Justeson
Area 5: Brad Monroe

District B:
Kevin Beiser

County Auditor Controller: Josue Mercado
District Attorney:
Edgard Garcia
Judge Seat 1:
Bob Espinosa
Judge Seat 3:
Tom Storey
Imperial Irrigation District 3: James Hank
Imperial Irrigation District 5: Norma Galindo
Superintendent of Schools: Todd Finnell

Federal, Constitutional Offices, California Legislature and Propositions endorsed by SEIU California process. Chula Vista, San Diego County and City of San Diego endorsed by SEIU Local 221 process. Imperial County candidates endorsed by SEIU Local 221 process and San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council process. Grossmont Cuyamaca College Board, San Diego Community College Board and San Diego Unified School District Board endorsed by San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council process.   *MULTIPLE ENDORSEMENTS – VOTE FOR ONE  


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