Feb. 26 – stand with coworkers

Billionaire extremists are attacking the rights of working families. They are trying to divide us from our co-workers and limit the power in numbers we have together in our union. On Feb. 26, Janus vs. AFSCME oral arguments take place at the Supreme Court.
Organized labor has been attacked since it began. This is nothing new. We’ve fought powerful interests before and won – and we will again.
Here is the strategy to fight back this time:
  • PLAN A BREAK WITH COWORKERS ON FEB. 26 Take photos, post to social media, tag @SEIU221 #WeRISE. Not sure when your coworkers will go on break? Ask your work-site organizer, your steward or email mark.leo@seiu221.org
  • Wear #WeRISE STICKERS AND BUTTONS Get them during your unity break. A few will even get hats, shirts and more
  • RECOMMIT TO YOUR COWORKERS AND YOUR UNION Fill out a form at your unity break and pledge to take action
  • STAND TOGETHER Make sure all your coworkers are members
  • SHARE ONLINE Take a picture with your sticker or sign
Why does it matter? Because of the power that comes from coworkers who are willing to stand together to work for vital public services and resources for our neighborhoods.
Commit now to join me on Feb. 26, when #WeRISE for our families, our communities, our future.

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