Contract enforcement materials and unity breaks

On Oct. 10, the Board of Supervisors officially approved the new County contract, but our work is just beginning. Improved contract language means that the County will have to have a justifiable reason for denying a request to have overtime paid in comp time or as cash. To file a request for comp time or cash, download a PDF by clicking here. After you have filled out the form, send it to
Also as part of the new contract, safety will be a standing agenda item at Labor-Management Meetings, and the county must respond to complaints within 30 days.
1710SafetyIf you have a safety concern, download an Employee Safety Incident Report PDF by clicking here. After you have filled out the form, email it to
These forms are on the SEIU Local 221 website at
Most of all we must make sure that the county knows we will continue to stand together and organize. That is why on Thursday we are organizing unity breaks across the county, to show the county that we will stay united and ensure the contract is enforced. If you don’t know the details for your site yet, contact your steward or work-site organizer for the details of your event.
In unity,

Tracey Carter
San Diego County Chapter President

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