BREAKING NEWS: SEIU 221, county reach tentative agreement – no meeting tomorrow


BREAKING NEWS: SEIU 221, county reach tentative agreement – no meeting tomorrow


Tracey Carter

SEIU Local 221 and the County of San Diego have reached a tentative agreement on a new five-year contract. Detailed tentative agreement summaries, will be available soon. Membership meetings will be scheduled to review the tentative agreements before the ratification vote at as many worksites as possible.

Congratulations to all of the members and community partners that have fought tirelessly for this agreement, which is recommended by your bargaining team. Our ratification will begin on Tuesday.

Note: There is no meeting tomorrow morning.

Parking Reimbursement: $300 a month for parking downtown

O/T Rights: When assigned overtime, employees can choose cash or comp unless there is a justifiable reason for management. Management must be able to prove that the reason they can’t do what the member wants is justifiable. Members have the right to file a grievance to challenge.

Labor Management and Safety: Expansion of Labor Management meetings include standing agenda item to discuss transfers, schedules, workload, employee performance/recognition and safety. Management must respond within 30 days to issues raised during labor management meetings.

Right to Rebut Disciplines: Employees will have the right to add rebuttals to discipline (or any material in the file) in personnel file

Food Service Safety: Food Service Workers and Cooks will be eligible for Hard-Toe shoes reimbursement

Right to Break: Improved meal and rest period language for RN and HS units

FRC Enrollment Expansion: County will launch a joint pilot program with the union to expand enrollment at FRCs

Pension Stability: No further changes to Tiers A/B/C unless required by law. Tier D program will be implemented for new staff (July 2018 at earliest).

Click here to download this chart.

In unity,
Tracey Carter
San Diego County Chapter President


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