Strike Questions/PERB update

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We have heard that the County may code the strike days in Kronos as AWOL. It is illegal under California law for the County to discipline any worker in any way because of their participation in the strike.  The use of the AWOL code in Kronos does not mean any striking workers will be subject to discipline of any level for striking.  Every striker is legally protected to participate in the strike.  On the strike day, you should simply show up and join the picket line on September 12 and 13. The Kronos code is simply for pay reasons, and has no impact on discipline, etc. 

In addition, the recent County intranet post claiming that the “SEIU Strike is illegal” is inaccurate and misleading.   It is a long established fact that workers have the right to strike against their employer in protest of Unfair Labor Practices.   Since the beginning of the strike authorization process, SEIU members have been clear that we if we are forced to strike at this time, it is to protest the Unfair Labor Practices committed by San Diego County.  We have never alleged that the strike is connected to the impasse procedure as outlined in the PERB complaint.
Do not be confused, intimidated or mislead by the County’s postings.  All workers represented by SEIU 221, both members of the union and non-members alike, have the legal right to participate in the strike on September 12 and 13 except those few workers who have been issued line passes by SEIU and the County. 
In Solidarity,
David Garcias
President, SEIU Local 221


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