Be there Saturday for ULP Strike Prep


Be there Saturday for ULP Strike Prep


Tracey Carter

Last night the bargaining team met and reaffirmed our commitment to fight for a fair contract that invests in our employees and our community. The team stands ready to meet with the county if they are willing to negotiate in good faith.

On Saturday, all members should come to the SEIU Local 221 Union Hall for Unfair Labor Practice Strike preparation. We expect the list of the employees who the Union will issue line passes to work during the strike to be finalized at this meeting. We will be using the shaded area of the parking lot as an overflow area.

Unfair Labor Practice strike preparation

9 am to 2 pm Saturday Sept. 9
SEIU Local 221 Union Hall
4004 Kearny Mesa Road, San Diego

Sign up here – child care will be available for people who sign up in advance with the number and ages of the children they will bring.

The agenda will include:

  • The plan for the ULP Strike Days
  • Picket line training
  • The employees who the Union will issue line passes to work during the strike
  • Strike do’s and don’ts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Producing materials and chants to support the strike

Want some inspiration? Check out this video from SEIU Local 721 for the Unfair Labor Practice strike in Riverside – don’t forget to drop them a note of solidarity while you are there.

I want to close by spotlighting one of our member’s letters to us, her fellow employees (attached below). Feel free to print this out and hang it at your work if you find it as powerful as I do.

In unity,

Tracey Carter
San Diego County Chapter President

Stronger TOGETHER: Numbers as a Unified Show of Force

Thank you to all who’ve supported our SEIU 221 Unity Days by wearing your Purple, especially during the past several months as a show of solidarity with our fellow members on the Bargaining Team as they met with the County to negotiate our new contract; feels good to have a visual representation of employees who are Union Strong.
When Our Union Needs You MOST
Wearing our colors, taking Union photos during our Unity Breaks, and paying dues is a very small portion of the responsibility of Union Membership. All of those gestures mean nothing if, when times get tough, we don’t stand together as ONE to fight for ourselves and our families.
A Union is defined as “An organized association of workers formed to protect and further their rights and interests.”
By joining SEIU, we’ve agreed to stand united with not only our coworkers, but with 10,000 other members across our County to do just that: Protect and Further Employee Interests.
Unfortunately, our employer has not bargained in good faith, refusing to negotiate or even come to a compromise regarding our proposed contract, which is insulting and dismissive of the important services we provide to our region’s most vulnerable citizens daily.
Despite our dedication, it is as if the quality of our work places, working conditions, & overall quality of life is of no importance to The County.
This has led 90% of SEIU members that voted to authorize an Unfair Labor Practices (ULP) strike.
By withholding our work (Striking) on Tues. Sept. 12th and Weds. Sept. 13th, we want the County to realize how vital the jobs are that we perform, to realize The County is NOTHING without its frontline workers, that we as a workforce are deserving of our proposal or if all demands cannot be met, to at least Bargain.
As some of the lowest wage employees in the County, I completely understand the hesitation or refusal to strike due to financial hardship.
Who can afford to strike?
The answer is None Of Us.
But with so much on the line, including wages that haven’t kept up with Inflation/The Cost of Living:
Who can afford NOT to?
With this work stoppage, we’re sending a clear message to our employer that we are deserving of Collective Bargaining.
I humbly come to you and ask for you to stand with your Union brothers and sisters to fight for Better.
The County is counting on us being unable to afford the lost wages. But we, as a unified front, are Stronger Together and willing to make the sacrifice for a better future.
I am nothing without You. We are NOTHING without each other.
Please Stand With Me On Tues. 9/12 and Weds. 9/13.
NOTHING beats a Failure but a TRY.
A Union UNITED Can Never Be Divided
Sincerely, Your Sister In The Struggle,
Brianne Barker


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