PERB issues complaint about County of San Diego bargaining in bad faith; County changes Comp/OT payouts

Tracey Carter

BREAKING: PERB issues complaint about County of San Diego bargaining in bad faith

County changes Comp/OT payouts


Months ago, County employees represented by SEIU Local 221 and the County of San Diego filed charges against each other about who was on the SEIU Local 221 Bargaining Team. SEIU 221 included representatives from the Invest in San Diego Families community partners in its bargaining team. The County refused to bargain with these partners at the table and seemed to be arguing that the County had the right to pick who was on the SEIU Local 221 bargaining team.

The Public Employment Relations Board just issued a complaint on our charge and the County’s. This means the charges will now be disputed formally. SEIU Local 221 will ask the two complaints to be combined into one hearing since they are related.

The County is also trying to divide us by playing games with comp time. This is another trick to try to get members mad if they are someone who wanted the comp time. Your bargaining team met and issued a demand that the County follow the proper protocol for paying cash for OT during contract expiration. SEIU 221 did propose RN and HS keep the comp as these members requested, but (of course) the County refused and said it was all or nothing. SEIU 221 will continue to push for dispute resolution for those units and to give employees the choice of comp or cash. In the meantime if you work OT – the County decided that you will get paid cash.

Some of you may be frustrated by this, but don’t fall into the County’s trap. Be patient.

If you have questions, we are here to answer them, please reach out.

Our unfair-labor-practice strike vote continues today. Click here for the list of voting sites

This is a fight for the very existence of our union and our right to organize, and we aren’t backing down.

We must stand strong, together, and everyone must participate:

  • If you are not a member, join the Union. We must send a message of unity and strength to the County.
  • Participate in unity breaks and worksite actions every Thursday. If you don’t know the plan for your worksite, contact your steward or worksite organizer.
  • For a complete list of information about bargaining and more details go to


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