July 28, 2017

BREAKING: County withdraws frivolous injunction request and charge

Tracey Carter

BREAKING: County withdraws frivolous injunction request and charge


On Thursday, the County filed a frivolous motion in an attempt to stop SEIU Local 221 from conducting an unfair-labor-practice strike (and another Public Employment Relations Board charge). Within 24 hours, the County withdrew the motion and the charge.

In keeping with our commitment to providing quality services to the residents of San Diego, the Union officially agreed to give 10 days prior notice of any strike.

The workers, represented by SEIU 221, believe that we can reach a mutually acceptable agreement with the County once the County begins to bargain in good faith. The Union has offered to meet on Aug. 10, 17 and 24 to bargain over details of the new health plans for Non-Kaiser members.

Our unfair-labor-practice strike vote continues today. Click here for the list of voting sites



All members and pet lovers: Make sure to come to the Board of Supervisors meeting at 8:30 am with your dog on Tuesday, Aug. 1 to fight outsourcing.

Bring your pets. We will rally at the south entrance to the San Diego County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, near the playground.

Animal Services Employees and Community Members will tell the board it’s time to stop the contracting out process. The professional, highly trained County employees have the skills and experience to provide the most economic, safest and efficient services for the people of San Diego.

RSVP by clicking here.

One of the major issues we’ve been bargaining about is how to improve services and safety for everyone, especially the neediest San Diegans. For example, we filed CalOSHA complaints about reports of unsafe conditions at Family Resource Centers.

This is a fight for the very existence of our union and our right to organize, and we aren’t backing down.

We must stand strong, together, and everyone must participate:

  • If you are not a member, join the Union. We must send a message of unity and strength to the County.
  • Participate in unity breaks and worksite actions every Thursday. If you don’t know the plan for your worksite, contact your steward or worksite organizer.
  • For a complete list of information about bargaining and more details go to seiu221.org

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