July 25, 2017

60 sites to have Unfair Labor Practice Strike Vote – Campaign update 20

Tracey Carter

Bargaining Team to have vote in 60 sites after overwhelmingly calling for strike-authorization vote to protest the County’s unfair labor practices, including arbitrary “deadlines” to try to freeze the bargaining process


We were disappointed but not surprised on Thursday, July 20 when the County presented what it titled “Last, Best and Final Offer.” This had the deadline of Aug. 4 despite many lingering questions, including a list of providers for the new health plan option.
From the beginning the County has been trying to punish its employees and their Union for bargaining. It has offered successively worse deals with arbitrary deadlines — and not even provided the basic information we need to respond to the deals. Coming in with one offer and telling employees to take it or leave it is not bargaining.
That is why we are having an Unfair Labor Practice Strike Vote. It will be open to all Union members. This is a tentative timeline with locations and times. 

SEIU Local 221 presented a counter proposal. Highlights include
  • A 5-percent wage increase across-the-board for 3 years
  • Health care – flex increases are 7 percent OR enough to cover the costs of a Kaiser family plan
  • Equities – 3 percent, 5 percent, and 10 percent based on the outcome of the SEIU Local 221’s research on six-comparable counties
One of the major issues we’ve been bargaining about is how to improve services and safety for everyone, especially the neediest San Diegans. For example, we filed CalOSHA complaints about reports of unsafe conditions at Family Resource Centers.
This is a fight for the very existence of our union and our right to organize, and we aren’t backing down.

We must stand strong, together, and everyone must participate:

  • If you are not a member, join the Union. We must send a message of unity and strength to the County.
  • Participate in unity breaks and worksite actions every Thursday. If you don’t know the plan for your worksite, contact your steward or worksite organizer.
  • For a complete list of information about bargaining and more details go to seiu221.org


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Department of Animal Services survey

San Diego County has called three public hearings on short notice to discuss their proposal to outsource the Depertment of Animal Services (click here to seen an editorial with background information), which would cause more than 120 employees to lose their jobs and impact the safety, services and efficiency of the duties currently provided by Animal Services.  At the hearing, representatives have claimed to be interested in public feedback, but they haven’t bothered to put their survey online.

You can fill out the survey below, and SEIU will submit it to the county.

Also, please sign the petition by clicking here.

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