‘Take it or leave it’ is not bargaining!

County stalls for 9 months then presents 5 year deal with bonus that is still less than what they gave other units.  Bargaining Team overwhelmingly calls for strike authorization vote

Today the County presented what it titled “Last, Best and Final Offer.” This had the deadline of Aug. 4 despite many lingering questions, including a list of providers for the new health plan option.

Read the entire County proposal by clicking here.

SEIU Local 221 presented a counter proposal. Highlights include

  • A 5-percent wage increase across-the-board for 3 years
  • Health care – flex increases are 7 percent OR enough to cover the costs of a Kaiser family plan
  • Equities – 3 percent, 5 percent, and 10 percent based on the outcome of the SEIU Local 221’s research on six-comparable counties

Click here to read the entire SEIU Local 221 proposal

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