July 13, 2017

“Cool Summer Days” dress-code update

The County continues to violate your rights and break the law.  In addition to not bargaining in good faith, including regressively bargaining about wages and benefits, the County has been illegally harassing employees, refusing to provide essential information and refusing to bargain about changes at the workplace.
Now they’re doing it with the issue of the dress code.
Because the County wrote and implemented its illegal dress-code change so unclearly there are many reports in the field that managers are still trying to implement it.
Our advice is to comply with your managers’ request under protest, but to let your SEIU Local 221 steward and worksite organizer know about the situation as soon as you can afterward. We have created a letter to give to your manager if this happens to you. To print out a copy, click here.
To recap the situation, in June the County made an illegal change to the dress code called “Cool Summer Days 2017.” The County denied SEIU Local 221’s request to meet about the change, so SEIU Local 221 filed an Unfair Labor Practice about this change. The County responded with a memo that was both unclear and illegal, which seemed to backtrack from their illegal change and the Union declared victory. However, because of the memo’s ambiguity, some managers are still trying to enforce the illegal dress-code change. This is all just another case of the County trying to punish its members for having the audacity to want to bargain a fair contract.
This is an attempt by the County to divide the employees. Don’t fall for their distractions. Join your bargaining team at the CAT meeting next week.
CAT meeting
6-8 pm Tuesday July 18
Marina Village – Anchor Room
1936 Quivira Way, San Diego
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