\ County makes illegal threats at bargaining table

County makes illegal threats at bargaining table


Tracey Carter

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County makes illegal threats at bargaining table


County says, “We don’t have a recruitment and retention problem, our turnover rate is fine.”After months of saying nothing at the bargaining table, the County rejected all of the proposals that we had made to address the fact that San Diego is at or near the bottom in terms of staffing levels, salaries, benefits and investing in services for its residents.  Not only did they flat out reject our package of proposals, they illegally threatened to slash the offer they have on the table if workers don’t agree to accept it by the end of our current agreement.

We know that if we stay strong and united we can force the County to come to a fair and reasonable agreement but we knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  This move is a clear attempt to punish us for having the audacity to actually want to bargain rather than just take what they offered.

It’s time to double down.  San Diego is sitting on billions in reserves and growing its revenue by over 100 million dollars a year.  The Supervisors said they deserved 12.5 percent raises so they could be “second to Los Angeles” but they want employees and residents to be stuck in the bottom.

San Diego must do better!

Stand Strong, Stand United, Stand Together

The County’s proposal Tuesday, June 6:
  • A 3-year term
  • A 2-percent raise per year
  • 5 percent flex-health spending
  • These are both less than the original offer, which was a 3-percent raise plus a pretax one-time bonus and a 7-percent increase in flex health spending
  • These are much smaller than the raises the Board of Supervisors voted themselves – 12.5 percent
  • It still includes the Tier D pension reduction
The County also added an expiration date to the 5-year deal of 11:59 pm June 22.
Once that date passes, the three year deal is all that’s left on the table.
We know that with the County’s stable income and strong finances, the County could fund SEIU 221’s proposals without changing the fundamentals of its budget strategy.
This is a strong arm tactic that shows that the County will not be moved at the table. Instead we must mobilize to show that we are united by having a massive turnout at the Board of Supervisors Budget Hearing.at 5 pm on Wednesday June 14. If you haven’t signed up already – do so now – and commit to bringing five of your coworkers. Let the County know it can’t bully us with high-pressure tactics.
  • San Diego County Public Budget Hearing
    Wednesday, June 14 at 5 PM (hearing begins at 5:30) 
    County Admin Building, 1600 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92101
    RSVP here and/or on the Facebook Event



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