May 5, 2017

We agree: Second only to L.A.

UNITY SPOTLIGHT: Lemon Grove Family Resource Center shows up in a big way to make the County of San Diego Invest in San Diego Families.


8 am Tuesday and Thursday
Marina Village – Room TBD
Mission Bay Park
1936 Quivira Way

San Diego, CA 92109

The County refused to meet with our full bargaining team. Our team voted to bargain in protest, by agreeing to negotiate with the County in a third room. Therefore, we will be able to meet under protest without our full bargaining team.

We agree: Second only to L.A.

Tracey Carter



In January, Supervisor Ron Roberts said that San Diego should be second only to L.A. when it came to Board of Supervisors salaries. The Board ended up passing a 12.5 raise for themselves. We agree with Supervisor Roberts – employees of San Diego County deserve to be second only to L.A., just like the Board of Supervisors. That and the bargaining proposals that we exchanged will make San Diego a leader in the state for workers and residents. Our bargaining team proposals look at everything across the board and how it impacts County employees. Your union invested a lot of resources on the class equity studies based on requests from the members – looking at 120 classifications. We presented a proposal to bring County workers into the upper tier of six comparable Southern California Counties.
     The most powerful part of bargaining was when we presented video and live testimony letting the County know that we are in this together with our Invest in San Diego Families partners. Testimony included  Joseph Smith from San Diego Central Jail, who talked about short staffing leading to people sleeping on floors.  Nathan Wollmann with HHSA talked about trying to help a homeless person near his office get on food assistance. The person had been turned away earlier for not having shoes. Our members’ testimony was augmented from video testimony from people like Monica Montgomery, from the ACLU who talked about the need for pre-trial services, because it is the right thing and it saves the County money.

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