Increase should match Supervisors – Campaign Update 9

Sheriff Headquarters – Ridgehaven , Licensing Division , 42717
UNITY SPOTLIGHT: Sheriff Headquarters – Ridgehaven , Licensing Division , members wear purple to show solidarity and make the County Invest in San Diego Families.


8 am Thursday May 4
Marina Village – Terrace Room
Mission Bay Park
1936 Quivira Way
San Diego, CA 92109
The County refused to meet with our full bargaining team. Our team voted to bargain in protest, by agreeing to negotiate with the County in a third room. Therefore, we will be able to meet under protest without our full bargaining team.

Increase should match Supervisors

Tracey Carter



On April 27, your SEIU Local 221 bargaining team presented its primary wage increase proposal to San Diego County.
    The proposal calls for employees to get the same 6.25 percent wage increase a year that the Board of Supervisors members gave themselves this year. We will be presenting additional proposals to address inequities at the next bargaining session on Thursday, May 4.

Bargaining Team member: County can’t ignore us

My name is Patrizia Estrada-Batres and I am on the bargaining team. I have been a County employee for six years. Our team membership is made up of community partners as well as County employees. When the union bargaining team met with County team the County did not want all 65 bargaining team members to be there nor to allow in the full Invest in San Diego Families Bargaining Team. It is so important to have Invest in San Diego partners as part of our team because they represent the clients that we serve. They represent the voices, the ideas the needs. Right now we are bargaining under protest with a smaller bargaining team, while we wait for our Unfair Labor Practice charge against the County to be resolved. Our team also is looking at equity and the researchers at SEIU Local 221 prepared more than 100 equity reports comparing compensation in San Diego and Southern California counties to identify pay gaps. That is more than ever before. Social workers definitely are impacted by it. A supervisor left one month ago. People are constantly leaving and some are going to Riverside and Los Angeles where they are paid more and have less paperwork. We want to help working families but when we are burdened down by all this paperwork we don’t have time we need. We as a group are showing the County that we are united. The County can no longer ignore us or the communities that we live in.


Bargaining Team Member Patrizia Estrada-Batres said, “Our bargaining power will supersede the County’s power if you join the union today.”

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